Alexis Kolbe & Rylee

Alexis Kolbe & Rylee

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Team Beaver (team Herbie)

This last weekend I got to experience Run,Drive, Sleep? Repeat. it was amazing. some of the things we heard offten were...
"get in the damn van"
"stubborn a--hole"
"Where is my phone"
"where are you, how much time"
"I can't find my stuff"
"what should I eat i am sick to my stomach"
"where did that hill come from"
"I need water"
"go to exchange"
"WTF wheres the finish"

and many more things were said... My dad was our driver and he was AMAZING it was so nice to have him. Thanks Amy, Taunya, Jenny, Missy, Lisa and all of van 2 for running this year, I hope we made some good memories and will do it again next year.
Here are few photos from that race.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Soccer 2010

The kids had a blast playing soccer this spring. The weather was horriable, but that didn't stop them from playing.. Good Job Alexis and Kolbe!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

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Kolbe Lloyd

Kolbe has grown up alot since last year. He started his first year preschool at Little Learners in Lewiston. His teacher was Teacher Lyndsey. She was FABULOUSE. He absolutly loved her. she did amazing things with the kids. He never fought me once to go to school. he was excited to go each time!! He has learned to write his names and can recognize all the alphabet letters. Now we just need to work on the sounds. He LOVES being in lewiston, he gets to go and feed cows with grandpa. He knows exactly what to do. He loved to play with his cousin Denver each week and other friends too. BOth the kids have made such good friends here and that makes me happy.. He was able to play soccer this spring =) I was the coach... He was AWESOME.. he scored half the goals and was faster than everybody else. he really had a good time and can't wait to play next year. We are so proud of him and all that he has learned. He is super cute with his little sister and helps me out all day with her. Kolbe and I like to play the WII in the afternoons when Rylee is asleep and Alexis is at school. Kolbe has learned to whistle and that is all he does all day long!! his nickname is now "whistler" Kolbe had his first year of Tavacii. THe concerts were much more exciting with him in the show. It was hilarious. He stole the show!!! we had so much fun watching him. This spring concert he had a speaking part. he was so brave and stood there and did his part and spoke very clearly and loud so everyone could here him, I was so proud of him.... He loves to sing, but mostly play anything with a ball involved. He Rocks. ALso this past winter I taught Kolbe how to ski, by the end of the season he was doing it all by himself. I treated ALexis and Kolbe to Deer Valley and that was alot of fun. They have no idea how lucky they are to go there!! I had a great time with my kids at the Beav. We already have our passed for next year and can't wait!!

The kids

Alexis is growing up super fast. she is very tall for her age! She just finished Kindergarten and had lots of fun this year. Her favorite part about Kindergarten was she got to ride the bus (she thought she was hot stuff) and she loved recess. Alexis had her first crush =) it was hilarious... His name was benjamin. there is a story about him.. she was telling her cousin Ashley about this boy and alexis says, his name is Benjamin but I call him Ben and he calls me cupcake!! HAHAHAH we have luaghed over that story all year. Then we found out that they were engaged and going to get married... Finally Rich had to sit her down and talk to her about boys, it has been fun to see her grow up and learn lots. She learned how to read and loves to read everynight. This spring she played soccer, we were alittle bit nervous, but she had a blast and was sad to have the season end. Her team was awesome,she met some new friends and there team was undefeated!!! Alexis scored a couple goals, and had the chance to play goalie. she picked up on the game fast and did very well. We are so proud of her. Now summer is here and we will be doing swimming and maybe some soccer camps. ALso Alexis did Tavacii again this year and was fabulous... she new every word to every song and was right on beat. She is loving Tavacii.